Exclusive interview: Frankfurt coach Adi Hütter on his comeback

Adi Hütter, you will be heading back to Bern with Eintracht Frankfurt to take part in the 55th Uhrencup – what does this return mean to you personally?
Adi Hütter: I am extremely happy to come back to a place where I felt very comfortable and to meet again with people whom I still have contact with today, whether they are players or other people from the Young Boys setup.

You will play in Biel against Young Boys and FC Luzern – what is your goal as a team at this year’s Uhrencup?
Adi Hütter: When we compete in a tournament, we want to win. These games are at an early stage of pre-season but also very good tests for us against teams of a high level of quality, especially Young Boys as back-to-back Swiss champions and Champions League participants.

How do you feel about the game against Young Boys?
Adi Hütter: I only have very good feelings. I coached with the same passion in the dugout at Young Boys that I now have at Eintracht Frankfurt. For me, but also my assistant coach Christian Peintinger and Djibril Sow, who recently joined us, this game is something special.

Your team have a very successful first Bundesliga season behind them with you as a manager, particularly with the achievement of the Europa League semi-finals as a highlight. How would you sum up last season?
Adi Hütter: We had a very good season and exceeded our goals with seventh place in the Bundesliga and the semi-finals of the Europa League. Especially in the way we played football, that has inspired many people and brought us sympathies beyond the borders of Frankfurt and even Germany.

You are at the training camp for just under a week in the Bern region – what is your pre-season program for your time in Switzerland?
Adi Hütter: In addition to the two games, we will work hard every day to have the best preparation for the season.

Is there also time to visit friends and companions and enjoy the city of Bern?
Adi Hütter: Probably, I’ll see one or two familiar faces in the team hotel, but otherwise the focus for us is clearly on the work we have to do.